URL Parameters

Use standard UTM tracking parameters:

  • utm_source = rakuten or utm_medium = rakuten
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_term
  • include Rakuten’s ranEAID parameter

Batch Spend Report

For Rockerbox to report on Rakuten spend, you will need to deliver a standard spend report to Rockerbox. To do so, you will:

  • Setup a spend report through your platform
  • In Rakuten, go to Reports > Reporting, Build a New Report, and Schedule it via SFTP
  • Schedule a Daily report

Delivery Instructions for SFTP:

  1. Authenticate to the Rockerbox SFTP server
  2. Upload data to the /files directory listed on the server once authenticated: Connected to sftp.getrockerbox.com. sftp> ls /files

Please note: *Spend does not include % sales

Report Table Fields
Transaction Date
Publisher ID
Publisher Name
Total Commission
Encrypted ID

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