Attributed Performance Report Overview

Updated by Emily Shreero

What does this report show?

  • The Attributed Conversion Report calculates CPA/ROAS against whatever level of granularity (tiers 1-5) or whatever date groupings (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly) needed for your reporting or analysis
  • Performance is against one specific attribution type and customer type
  • Exported version of the Attribution Report UI view

When to use this report

This report should be leveraged for rolled up performance reporting or trend identification.

Examples of when to use this report:

  • Layering Rockerbox data into your weekly/monthly/quarterly performance reports
  • Identifying performance trends over time

Primary Use Cases

The primary use cases for leveraging the Attributed Performance Report include

1. Identifying cross-channel optimization opportunities

2. Identifying diminishing returns over time

Report schema and Definitions

See here for schema and associated definitions

Null ROAS Values: for tiers that have no spend (ex a non-paid channel, a campaign that still sees latent conversions but no active spend), ROAS will show as NULL. This is because spend is $0.

Null CPA Values: for tiers that have no conversions, CPA will show as NULL. This is because conversions is 0.

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