Key Stages of Onboarding

Rockerbox onboarding is structured in four key stages. This process is designed to be both collaborative and flexible to meet your unique needs and goals.

Goals and Priority Use Cases

Our entire onboarding process is grounded against your goals and priority use cases. As part of our first kickoff call, we will discuss your goals for leveraging Rockerbox.

Based on your specific goals, we will define a Phase 1 vs. Phase 2 of implementation. Phase 1 will be focused on tracking your on-site conversion and marketing activity that is necessary to allow you to begin leveraging Rockerbox to answer your priority use cases.

Through structuring your onboarding around your goals and priority use cases, we ensure that you and your team can begin leveraging Rockerbox and gaining value as quickly as possible.

Implementation and Data Collection

This is the most critical stage of onboarding, as it is focused on building a strong data foundation. We will work with you and your team to implement the necessary tracking across your conversion events and marketing channels.

As part of our very first call, we will determine which conversion events and marketing channels will be tracked in Rockerbox. We will ensure that these are aligned to your priority use cases, and will work with you every step of the way to make this process smooth and straightforward.

Platform Setup

Platform setup is focused on ensuring that the conversion and marketing data being brought into Rockerbox is clean, actionable, and accurate.

We will work with you and your team to identify the best way to structure your marketing activity so it reflects how you optimize and measure performance. In addition, our team will complete multiple rounds of data validation and QA to ensure we are aligned with your internal source of truth.

Platform Use

The last stage of onboarding, (and the most exciting!) is focused on setting your team up for success to leverage Rockerbox.

This will include training on how to utilize Rockerbox UI and reporting, setting up automated reporting to meet your specific needs, and finally applying the multi-touch attribution model (post 30 days of clean data)

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