What to Expect - Onboarding

What you can expect from Rockerbox’s Onboarding

Our onboarding is designed to set you and your team up to begin leveraging Rockerbox as quickly as possible - ensuring you have all the help and resources you need to make this process clear, easy, and seamless.

Onboarding for Rockerbox typically takes between 4-6 weeks. The time it takes to complete onboarding is dependent on the complexity of your implementation and your team’s availability.

What it entails

We ask for an up-front time commitment from you and your team in order to implement necessary tracking across your conversion activity and marketing channels.

Our team will provide step-by-step instructions and will be there to answer questions, provide support along the way, and schedule working sessions as needed.

The critical components of onboarding include:

  1. Conversion tracking: setting up Shopify integration, GTM pixels, webhooks, or batch files deliveries
  2. Marketing tracking: applying marketing tracking to all ads in each ad platform, or looping in Rockerbox for scoping with net-new vendors
  3. Marketing spend: ad accounts are connected and/or batch spend reports are scheduled
  4. QA: Rockerbox QA's all of the above

What we ask from you

Your ability to complete same-day tracking implementation and provide access to all necessary tech platforms or vendors will facilitate our hyper-consensed timeline and allow you to begin leveraging Rockerbox faster.

What we commit to

We commit to providing the resources needed to make implementation as easy as possible.

We will work with you and will be available for additional support and calls as needed.

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