Launching New Channels and Partners

In order to ensure you’re able to see marketing performance and user behavior against each marketing channel, each channel needs to be tracked in Rockerbox.

New vendor setup varies by ad platform, but in general may include

  • Tracking clicks
  • Tracking views
  • Ingesting spend

Here's a quick checklist to run through before launching with a new partner to ensure it's tracked in Rockerbox.

1. Check Rockerbox Tracking

Rockerbox has partnerships with dozens of the most common marketing partners, spanning both digital and offline channels.

A full list of existing, supported integrations can be found here.

If you're launching with a vendor Rockerbox has an existing integration with, follow the instructions for setup.

If you do not see a partner listed, Rockerbox does not have an existing integration. To request that an integration be added to Rockerbox's Product Roadmap, leave a request or upvote an existing request on the Product Roadmap page. You can also reach out to with the UTMs you will be applying for this channel to track clicks.

2. Set up the integration

Enable the integration by selecting "Connect New Account" in the Advertising Platforms page.

Follow the instructions to set up tracking and spend, which can be found either in the UI or in our vendor-specific documentation.

Note tracking must be applied before the channel launches.

3. QA Tracking

The day after your ads launch, QA your tracking to confirm that all placements are being tracked as expected.

This can be done via the Advertising Platforms page. Instructions are below

Reminder: Rockerbox aggregates data each night, meaning spend or conversions will not appear in Rockerbox reporting on the day of launch.

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