LiveIntent View Feature

LiveIntent and Rockerbox have partnered to include view-through reporting within the Rockerbox dashboard and reports.

View-Through Data

This updated view data includes view impressions on known opened emails.

In the current version of the updated feature, Rockerbox does not include iOS Proxy email opens as there is no deterministic way to tie these touchpoints to users today. For more information on what LiveIntent labels as an iOS proxy email please see here.

Rockerbox automatically applies a 7-day attribution window on LiveIntent data. This is the recommended attribution window for display partners in Rockerbox.

Enabiling the Integration:
  1. Loop your LiveIntent rep in with your Rockerbox representative
  2. Enable the integration and send over S3 bucket information to LiveIntent
    1. Question on enabling to integration - reach out to your Rockerbox representative
  3. It will take LiveIntent up to 3 weeks to get view through data to begin sending to Rockerbox
    1. LiveIntent needs 7- 14 business days (3 weeks) to accumulate enough match back data

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