Identify Calls

In order to help Rockerbox associate browser sessions with a particular user, you should fire an “identify” pixel whenever a user’s identity is known to you (e.g. once a user logs in, views an order confirmation page, or clicks a link from an email).

Supported Use Cases

Identify Calls are required for several use cases:

Your Tag

Your Rockerbox Conversion tag can be created using your All Pages tag. The All Pages tag is available in Rockerbox.

  1. In the top navigation bar, click 🔧
  2. Click Pixels
  3. Copy your All Pages pixel text. It will look like the example below.

<script type="text/javascript">
(function(d,RB) {if (!window.RB) { window.RB=RB;RB.queue=RB.queue||[];RB.track=RB.track||function(){RB.queue.push(};RB.initialize=function(s){RB.source=s};var a = d.createElement("script"); a.type="text/javascript"; a.async=!0; a.src=""; f=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; f.parentNode.insertBefore(a,f);} } )(document,window.RB || {});

Remove the RB.track("view"); line and replace it with an identify call:

RB.track("identify", {

Rockerbox supports the following fields as part of an identify call:




This user ID should be a true first-party identifier that persists across sessions. Often, this is an ID for a user that is logged in. Having a unique user ID in a conversion pixel is essential for capturing new/returning user data. You are welcome to include as many user identifiers as you’d like, but only the true first-party identifier should be passed to Rockerbox as external_id.


The email address of the user.


The phone number of the user.

If you do not have value for external_id or email available, DO NOT hardcode a value such as **external_id = unknown” or email = (null).

This will force Rockerbox to treat all those conversions as being completed by the same user and will have a significantly negative impact on your MTA data. Instead, keep the value blank.
Identify Calls are Meant for Users' Devices Only
If you have an internal site (e.g. where employees can view customer accounts) or a shared in-store computer where customers can log in, make sure that identify calls do not fire there.

Identify calls should only take place on the browsers of end-users on their own devices.

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