Segment Onsite Data

Integrating Segment with Rockerbox

If you use Segment to track activity and conversions on your website, you can use our Segment integration to send that data to your Rockerbox account.

First up, you will need to configure Rockerbox as a Destination for one of your JavaScript sources. This will embed the Rockerbox pixel on your website and enable automatic capture of all on-site events you are tracking within Segment.

You will need Source Admin privileges on your Segment account in order to make these changes.

Check your source connection mode
Before we get started, make sure that your JavaScript (on-site) source in Segment is set to “Device Mode.” The Rockerbox integration requires this in order for our pixels to fire correctly on your website. If this is not the case, you will need to change this setting before proceeding with the integration.
Configure Rockerbox Destination

1) In your Segment Account, go to Destinations, and click Add Destination.

2) Search for “Rockerbox” and select it.

3) Click the Configure Rockerbox button.

4) Select your Source. This should be a JavaScript source for your customer-facing website. If you have environments configured, ensure you are using the Prod source.

Click the Confirm Source button to continue.

5) Next, you’ll need to enter your Rockerbox Pixel Code into your destination settings. Select Pixel Code, fill in your code, and click Save.

Your Pixel code is available from your Rockerbox team

6) After saving your Pixel Code, click the Switch to enable the destination! A blue check means that the destination is live and sending data.

To verify that the Rockerbox pixel is firing on your site, you can view the Pixel Status page in your Rockerbox dashboard. It may take a few minutes to first appear — if you don’t see data at first, try refreshing again.

Next Up: Server-Side Data

Now that you’ve set up the Rockerbox destination to collect on-site data via your JavaScript sources, you’ll need to configure your server-side sources to send data to Rockerbox as well. We’ll cover this next in our Segment Server-Side Data guide.

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