Tips for leveraging Rockerbox to understand performance during an Economic downturn

Given the current economic uncertainty, we know you’re likely taking a closer look at your budgets and scenario planning.

We want to ensure you are set up to leverage Rockerbox to help with these difficult decisions.

As you take a more critical lens to budgeting, we believe this will include:

  • Returning to focusing on fundamentals of tactical in-channel optimizations
  • Re-establishing optimal spend levels for all channels
  • Re-focusing on core workhorse channels of search and shopping

In addition, it will become crucial to understand your payback period, pinpointing the channels you are spending on where it takes a user longer to convert. This will enable you to speed up return on ad spend - allowing you to optimize cash flow.

To that, see below for best practices on leveraging Rockerbox to identify optimal spend levels and payback period by channel:

  1. How to leverage time to convert & payback periods to identify where to cut top & mid-funnel spend: How to leverage Rockerbox to identify your payback period by channel, pinpointing channels you are spending on where it takes a user longer to convert vs. faster to convert.
  2. Determining optimal budget allocation: How to leverage Rockerbox to determine optimal spend levels per channel and set performance targets - ensuring you are maximizing your existing channels and can effectively measure performance against new channel tests
  3. Tactical Optimizations in Rockerbox: How to identify placements you have been over/under-investing in to drive efficiency within a specific channel

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