Requirements for Implementing Onsite Conversion Pixels

Updated by Benjamin Kaufman

Please ensure the below requirements are met prior to implementing conversion tracking pixels:

For Purchase/Order Conversions:
  • Both order information and customer information must be present in your website's data-layer at the time of purchase.

Order Information Required:

  • order_id
  • revenue

Customer Information Required:

  • a persistent email


  • a persistent customer ID
This customer information must be available in the data-layer at the time of purchase, regardless of whether or not the user is "logged-in" or checking out as a "guest"

For Direct Mail Attribution

If you are attributing Direct Mail conversions with Rockerbox, the following fields must be available (in raw, unhashed format) in the data-layer at time of purchase:

  • street_address_1
  • city
  • state
  • zip
  • country

Please see docs on including address information

For more granular order breakouts

See here for variables that must be passed on your data layer at the time of the conversion event in order to support more granular breakouts of conversion events based on an order-specific property.

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