Setup Instructions

  1. Reach out to to enable the integration. Let the team know the below:
    1. Launch Date
    2. Tier structure you'd like to see applied. The available reporting granularity from MNTN are either Campaign Group level or Creative Group level. You must indicate one or the other, as both cannot be reported on.
  2. Rockerbox will reach out to MNTN on your behalf requesting that they set up delivery on marketing events. No further tracking needs to be applied.
  3. Follow the below instructions to set up spend reporting from MNTN to Rockerbox. For the time being, spend needs to be delivered manually, on a weekly basis.


MNTN provides Verified Visit data directly to Rockerbox. A shared Rockerbox cookie ID is used to identify users who have had a MNTN touchpoint on their path to conversion, and to insert a touchpoint on a user's path to conversion.

No manual tracking needs to be applied.

Batch Spend

All spend reports must align with the requirements listed here.
MNTN Report Types
There are two options for spend reports that can be pulled from MNTN.

- Campaign Group
- Creative Group

Select the report that you'd like to see Rockerbox reporting against (for example if you'd like to see Creative reported on in Rockerbox, select the Creative Group report). The same report must be provided each week

  1. You will need to send weekly reporting from MNTN to Rockerbox. Your MNTN team can help if you have questions about where to pull reporting from. For the time being this reporting cannot be automated, though work is underway to unlock automated reporting.
    1. Endpoint: details will be provided by
    2. Report Contents:
      1. Files should be sent on a weekly cadence
      2. Each file should contain the previous 7 days of spend data.
      3. These reports need to be sent manually.
      4. The column names must be adjusted to match the exact column names below. This includes capitalization and spacing.
Required Columns: Campaign Group

Campaign Group ID
Campaign Group Name
Required Columns: Creative Group

Creative Group ID
Creative Group Name

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