Setup Instructions

  1. Reach out to to enable the integration. Let the team know the below:
    1. Launch Date
    2. If you would like to see Campaign Group reporting or Creative Group reporting. You must indicate one or the other, as both cannot be reported on.
    3. The tier structure you'd like to see applied.
  2. Follow MNTN's instructions HERE to set up marketing event tracking. For more info on how MNTN events are tracked, see "Tracking" below.
  3. Follow the below instructions to set up automated spend reporting from MNTN to Rockerbox. Setup will differ for Campaign vs Creative reporting granularity.


MNTN provides Verified Visit data directly to Rockerbox. A shared Rockerbox cookie ID is used to identify users who have had a MNTN touchpoint on their path to conversion, and to insert a touchpoint on a user's path to conversion in the Rockerbox dataset.

This type of marketing event tracking can be set up directly in the MNTN platform by following the instructions here.

A standard 220 day attribution window is applied to these types of events. Rockerbox's standard OTT methodology does not apply to MNTN.

No manual tracking needs to be applied.

Batch Spend

MNTN Report Types

The reporting you set up in MNTN must be either at the Campaign Group or Creative Group granularity. Set up the report type that aligns to the granularity you indicated to Rockerbox in the above setup instructions.
  1. In the MNTN reporting dashboard, create a new report. Follow the instructions here to set up your reporting.
    1. Endpoint: details will be provided by
    2. Cadence: daily

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