Rockerbox last touch vs. GA last touch

If you are used to making optimizations off of Google Analytics - you may be wondering, how is Rockerbox last touch data different than GA data? Shouldn’t these two be aligned?

Rockerbox last touch data is actually quite different from GA data, as Rockerbox tracks a wider range of your marketing activity in different ways.

Marketing touchpoint

Rockerbox tracking

GA tracking

Digital - Tracking available for digital channels

Click and impression tracking

Click only

Digital - Type of click tracking available

Custom URL parameters per channel to attribute conversions at the lowest level of granularity available


Digital - Facebook view-based tracking

Rockerbox will probabilistically model Facebook view-based touch points


Offline - Tracking available for offline channels

Rockerbox tracks Direct Mail, Linear TV, and OTT


Offline - Solutions for hard to track channels i.e. podcasts, OOH, customer referral

-Promo code mapping -Post purchase survey mapping -Vanity URLs and UTMs

Vanity URLs and UTMs

Example of Impact

Let’s look at a real example to see how this plays out-

Below you see on the left a user’s real path to conversion - entering the funnel after receiving a direct mail piece and having a number of click & view-based touchpoints before converting off of a Facebook retargeting view.

As you can see, in GA - because GA can only track digital click-based touchpoints the last touch is Branded search. When in Rockerbox - the last touch is the true last touch for that user - the Facebook retargeting view.

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