Maintaining consistent naming conventions

Maintaining consistent naming conventions in your ad platforms (ex Facebook, Adwords, Trade Desk) is crucial to maintaining clean data in Rockerbox.

How Rockerbox uses ad platform naming conventions

Rockerbox pulls the names you set within each ad platform directly into Rockerbox. For example, your exact Facebook campaign names that are set within Facebook will be pulled into Rockerbox.

On top of this, Rockerbox applies a simple logic to categorize your marketing activity. For example, Rockerbox might use logic that says when “brand” is included in your Adwords campaign names, categorize this campaign as Brand Paid Search.

If naming conventions are not maintained, data may become miscategorized in Rockerbox, making it more difficult to optimize and pull insights against specific fields.

Best practices for maintaining naming conventions

  • Adopt a universal naming convention structure across channels and placements. For example, if you will want to report on top of funnel performance, always use “tof” in the campaign name.
  • Include the type of metadata you will want to report on in your campaign, ad set, ad (etc) names. For example, if you need to measure performance for all necklace creatives, include “necklace” in the ad name.

Naming Conventions - what to avoid

Rockerbox recommends avoiding the use of certain special characters to ensure clean mapping and reporting on your marketing performance at the channel, campaign, and placement level.

Recommended special characters to avoid in your naming conventions:

  • Emojis
  • the number symbol (#)
  • &
  • =
  • /
  • ?
  • ,
  • |

Please contact your Rockerbox team for any questions on this or naming convention best practices.

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