How to exclude certain spend or marketing touchpoints from Rockerbox reporting

Updated by Emily Shreero

Some advertisers may have a single ad account that contains campaigns for multiple marketing initiatives. For example,

  • Retail vs Ecomm: your brand's ad account may have some ads that drive to your owned ecomm store and some that drive to retailers (ex Sephora, Target, Amazon).
  • International Activity: you might run ads internationally from your ad account but you only track US conversions in Rockerbox

In the case that you want to only see spend for your ads that drive to ecomm, Rockerbox may be able to exclude certain spend from appearing in your Rockerbox reporting.

This is dependent on

  1. Ads you want to exclude must be a unique line item -- ex a campaign, ad set, or ad
  2. The line item must have a consistent naming convention -- ex all ads driving to retailers have "retail" in the campaign name

Contact your Rockerbox CSM for more info on what's possible for your specific account and use case.

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