How Rockerbox Attributes Touchpoint Credit

Rockerbox tracks onsite touchpoints using onsite pixels. When users arrive your site, the Rockerbox pixels will fire and we will capture those touchpoints.

Attributing Touchpoint Credit

For all click-based touchpoints, Rockerbox attributes credit to these channels by keying off of the URL parameters and/or referrers. Rockerbox depends on these for:

  1. Determining which channels touchpoints are coming from
  2. The levels of granularity Rockerbox is able to report on

Site Redirects

Rockerbox will not be able to attribute credit to click-based touchpoints if there are redirects that strip the URL parameters when a user arrives onsite.
  • All URL parameters should persist on the redirect URL so Rockerbox can attribute credit to your marketing channels and report on the expected level of granularity.
  • If you use Shopify: Redirects are most commonly seen on PDP landing pages when you are referencing a variant ID in the URL that no longer exists. Shopify will redirect to the first variant and remove URL parameters from the original URL.

Rockerbox recommends testing all landing pages to ensure URL parameters are persisting in all instances.

See here for how Rockerbox tracks marketing touchpoints across all channels.

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