Warehousing: Overview

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The Rockerbox Warehousing integration is an add-on feature and is not enabled by default. Please contact your Rockerbox team for further information.

Rockerbox Data Warehousing automatically syncs data Rockerbox aggregated into your warehouse, eliminating the need for you to create and manage complex data integrations. The integration includes:

  • Support for three major data warehouse platforms:
  • Data syncs in minutes and continuously updates as new spend and conversion data is available from offline and digital platforms, which is especially helpful since these channels don’t report in real time.
  • User-friendly interface for you to connect your data warehouse platform, select datasets to sync, and see the status of your data.


  • Rockerbox supports only one warehouse per Rockerbox account. If you use more than one data warehouse, please contact us so that we can determine the best setup for you.
  • Rockerbox does not connect to your data warehouse. Instead, Rockerbox grants you access to the data via a data share.
    • Because Rockerbox is sharing data with you, instead of accessing your data warehouse, Rockerbox is not able to provide specific IPs that you can whitelist for access to your data warehouse.

Not supported:

  • Rockerbox does not support PostgreSQL as it is not typically used as a data warehouse because it is a row-based database more suited to transactional use-cases. Large analytical querying is much faster on columnar warehouses.

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