Setup Instructions

  1. Authenticate your Taboola account(s) here. This will allow Rockerbox to ingest daily spend.
    1. You will need to request your Client ID and Client Secret from your Taboola representative. These fields are required to authenticate your Taboola account in Rockerbox.
  2. Append the click-through URL parameters below to your landing page URLs and apply the impression pixels. These parameter values use macros and do not need to be manually replaced. Their values will be dynamically filled by the platform when the ad is served.
  3. Reach out to letting them know the channel, the launch date, and the tier structure you'd like applied for this type of marketing activity.
  4. A day after launch, confirm that tracking is applied to all your ads using the Digital Advertising page. More info on QAing your tracking can be found here.

Click Tracking

  1. Open the Campaign Management page
  2. Click the pencil icon for an existing campaign
  3. In the Tracking section, append the parameters below to any existing parameters in the Tracking Code box.
Your URLs should follow the structure guidelines available here.

URL Parameters

Impression Tracking

  1. Open the Campaign Management page and click the pencil icon for an existing campaign
  2. In the Tracking > 3rd Party Tags section, clicks “Add Tag”
  3. Set the Tag Type to “3rd Party Pixel” and Event Type to “Impressions”
  4. Apply the Rockerbox impression pixel to the Tag field for all ads

For more information about adding Taboola parameters, look here.

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