Organic Social

Tracking organic social touchpoints in Rockerbox will allow you to quantify the impact of your organic content in driving conversions in combination with your paid channels.

How Rockerbox tracks organic social touchpoints

Rockerbox is able to track click-based organic social touchpoints through two different methods:

  1. Referring Domains: based on the referring domain of the page the drove the user to the site. This requires no work on your end.

  2. UTMs: Rockerbox can also utilize any UTMs that you have implemented to track organic touchpoints

Why you should use UTMs for your organic content

While Rockerbox can track organic social activity with referring domains - this will not provide you as much granularity to make decisions off of as UTMs will.

Tracking organic social content via referring domains will allow you to see a user had a touchpoint with an organic Facebook post - but will not tell you the type or content of the post.

Using UTMs will allow you to see which specific type of Facebook content someone clicked on and can help you determine where to invest additional resources when building out new content.

We recommend utilizing the following UTM structure to maximize your ability to make organic social optimizations in Rockerbox:

UTM parameter

Value to add




platform name (i.e. facebook, instagram, twitter)


type of post (link in bio, post, swipe up)


any additional details around the content type

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