Facebook (Manual Append)

In order for Rockerbox to accurately track your campaigns, you need to ensure that your Facebook ad click through URLs contain certain parameters. By default, Facebook only includes a “fclid” parameter on your landing page, but we’ll need to update your Facebook settings to include tracking parameters like campaign and ad set.

These steps should be completed for each new campaign in the future.

Facebook has recently updated the Ads Manager user experience. The process below only works with the legacy version. Please switch to the older version of Facebook Ads Manager (using the left sidebar on the home page or at the top of other pages) to complete the process below.

Adding Rockerbox Parameters - Bulk Upload

  1. Go to the ads tab in your Facebook ads manager
  2. Select the check mark beside all active ads. Do not include historical campaigns that you do not expect to reactivate.
Removing historical campaigns from your export is optional but strongly recommended. Some older campaigns include deprecated fields/field types that will cause errors when uploading the updates to the URL tags. The impact of these errors can vary from an alert to upload failure. Additionally, Rockerbox is able to capture parameter data from ads served after the placement of onsite pixels, so updating ads that will continue to be inactive is unnecessary.
  1. Click the Export icon and choose Selected
  2. Append the set of parameters below to any existing values in the URL Tags column. If you have existing parameters in this field, you can use & to separate your existing parameters from the Rockerbox parameters.
  3. Choose Import and then Ads
  4. Choose the file and upload

Adding Rockerbox Parameters - Individual Ads

  1. Go to the ads tab in your Facebook ads manager
  2. Select the ad you are looking to apply tracking to
  3. In the URL Tags field, add the Rockerbox URL parameters below to the end of your URL. You can append Rockerbox tracking onto any existing tracking (using an “&”).
Do not add a "?" to the URL Tags field. Facebook Ads Manager will add this automatically to separate your base URL from any subsequent parameters.
Instagram Collection (Instant Experience) Ads
This ad format does not support dynamic URL parameters. If you are running this ad format, please contact your Rockerbox representative.

For more information about exporting and importing with Facebook, look here

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