Tracking Parameters

Pepperjam Ascend™ campaigns need to have Rockerbox specific URL parameters in order to track appropriately. To set this up in Pepperjam, navigate to the Generic Creative page.

Add the following Rockerbox parameters to your destination URL Parameters and press save. Make sure to keep your &clickId={clid} parameter as well.

The appended parameters should look like the following:

Your URLs should otherwise follow the structure guidelines available here

Batch Spend

For Rockerbox to report on Pepperjam spend, you will need to contact Pepperjam manager to deliver a standard daily spend report to Rockerbox. To do so, you will:

  1. Go to Settings > Integrations, find Pepperjam, and click Enable Integration. Wait a few moments after enabling. Under Data Setup, you will need to retrieve your SFTP instructions to send to Pepperjam.
  2. SFTP Password Reach out to your Rockerbox POC to obtain the SFTP password.
  3. Contact Pepperjam at, providing them with the details of the SFTP endpoint, including the password. Have them automate the daily spend file, as a CSV, to the endpoint you received from your Rockerbox team.

The Rockerbox Spend report must include the following columns:

Report Column Requirements
publisher id
publisher name
placement id
campaign id
creative id
campaign name
creative name
placement name

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