Deduplicating Conversions

It’s important that Rockerbox conversion reports are aligned with your internal reports for consistency between systems. While we do expect Discrepancies, we also want to prevent over-counting of conversions. This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • pixels fire multiple times for a pixel-based conversion event
  • a Webhooks payload includes the same conversion event more than once
  • the same order is delivered in a Batch File more than once

To address this, Rockerbox will deduplicate conversion events based on the conversion key set under Settings -> Conversions -> Edit -> Setup Options.

  • For example, if the conversion key is set to order_id, Rockerbox will only count one conversion per unique order_id we receive.
  • This is to prevent counting multiple conversions for inadvertent fires (eg if a customer refreshes the confirmation page after completing an order).
  • If ‘Enable Cross-Day Deduplication’ is enabled, we’ll deduplicate across days.
Deduplicated Conversions
If a conversion is deduplicated, the conversion data received earlier will take precedent and the more recent conversion will be deduplicated (ignored).

You can also use a combination of comma-separated values as the conversion key. For example, you can use email,date,action if you only want to count one conversion per email per day.

If the pixel isn’t passing us email, you could use uid,date,action to count one conversion per Rockerbox cookie id per day. This is our default conversion key for upper-funnel events that don’t pass us identifying information like email or external_id.

Only Include Values Included in Pixel Fires in the Conversion Key
Be careful only to include values that are being passed to the Rockerbox conversion pixel in the conversion key. If you set the conversion key to order_id, and we don’t get order_id, we’ll deduplicate everything and won’t count any conversions

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