Google Display Network (GDN)

Rockerbox uses our Google Ads auto-params to track clicks for GDN.

Impression Tracking

Discovery Campaigns
Note that impression tracking is not permitted by AdWords for Discovery campaigns.
  1. In order to implement the impression pixel, you’ll need to submit a request to Google. Google requires that all requests are submitted in an Excel file in the process described here.
    1. This process will need to be repeated each time you launch new GDN campaigns or ad groups.
  2. Use the base pixel below, and append the required additional parameters to the end of the base pixel.
  3. Either follow the steps in the Using Google's Template section, OR follow the steps in the Creating Your Own Template section. Google will accept either process.

Base Pixel

Required Additional Pixel Parameters


Using Google's Template

  1. Append the string above to the end of the base pixel from the top of the page. Replace the entire bracketed portions, including the brackets themselves, with the appropriate values from your GDN ad groups and campaigns.
  2. Download Google’s Excel template for a 1x1 pixel here.
  3. Go to the second tab.
  4. Input your ad group IDs in column C. Keep these values unique. Google will reject requests with duplicate values.
  5. Input your full impression tracking pixel (the pixel you put together in Step 1) for each ad group in column J.
  6. In cell A3, select Ad Group ID.
  7. In cell B3, select equals.
  8. Drag cells A3 and B3 down so these line items are populated for each ad group.

Creating Your Own Template

This is not needed if you’ve already followed the steps above and are using Google’s template.
  1. Create headers in Row 1 of your Excel or Google Drive file as below

Campaign ID

Ad Group ID

Your Base Pixel

Impression Tracking Pixel

  1. Paste your base pixel into the Your Base Pixel column in Row 2
  2. Paste the formula below into the Impression Tracking Pixel column in Row 2
  1. Paste all of your Ad Group IDs and their parent Campaign IDs in the first two columns. Keep these values unique. Google will reject any pixel implementation requests that contain duplicates.
  2. Drag down the Your Base Pixel and Impression Tracking Pixel columns. You should see the impression tracking pixels being generated for each row.

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