Platform-Reported Performance

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What this view shows

The platform-reported performance view has performance reporting directly from specific vendors - enabling you to see in-platform performance without leaving Rockerbox.

The reporting in the platform-reported performance view is not de-duplicated by Rockerbox.

This performance data is pulled directly from each platform's API and is not changed in any way by Rockerbox.

The CPA/ROAS in this view will not align to what you see in Attribution Report as that view is de-duplicated performance.

Platform-Reported Performance is based on conversions credited within each ad platform. Each platform will credit itself for driving a conversion if it played any role in driving the conversion.

You can see platform-reported performance from the following platforms directly in Rockerbox:

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Bing
  • TikTok
  • Pinterest
  • LinkedIn

Overview of the Platform-Reported performance view

  1. How to Navigate this view
  2. How to Leverage this view

How to Navigate this view

See below for instructions on how to navigate this view

How to Leverage this view

This view should be used in combination with the Rockerbox de-duplicated view of performance as you make tactical optimizations.

See the guide here on how to leverage Rockerbox in combination with in-platform data for tactical optimizations

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