Warehousing: Sync Status

Rockerbox tables will be updated in your data warehouse each time there is a change to the foundational dataset. For example if Rockerbox receives a file from your OTT vendor that provides OTT touchpoints from the past 7 days, the past 7 days of attribution data will be edited and re-synced. This ensures data in your data warehouse is always up to date.

To view the status of each dataset sync, go to the Status page. This page will display for each dataset and day combination:

  • For a successful sync, the last synced status
  • For all other syncs, whether the sync is in progress or failed
Datasets Are Synced by Day
Rockerbox groups and aggregates data on a daily grain. Therefore, it’s possible that for the same Platform or Rockerbox dataset that one day of data was updated more recently than other days.

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