Discrepancies between internal data and Rockerbox data

When comparing your internal data to Rockerbox data, you may see slight discrepancies and don’t worry, that’s normal!

We expect to see a 5-12% discrepancy between the two data sets. There a number of causes for this, which include:

  • Timezone differences: Rockerbox reporting is standardized to UTC time
    • Due to the timezone differences, day over day variances > 5-10% are expected. The variance will normalize over a longer time period (week, month)
  • Returns or cancellations: Rockerbox does not account for returned or cancelled orders -- meaning they will appear in Rockerbox data
  • If Rockerbox tracks conversions via an on-site pixel (GTM)
    • Normal discrepancies caused by pixel based tracking, where the pixel may not fire 100% of the time
    • Differences in implementation: Rockerbox pixels firing through GTM versus other internal tracking
    • Page load times (if the Rockerbox pixel is based on that as a trigger)

Variances in total conversions do not impact your channel or placement level attribution, and thus do not impact the actions you take off of Rockerbox data.

For example, if Rockerbox is missing 10 orders in a day, these would not have only been driven by a single channel. Therefore the relative conversion count and ROAS or CPA across channels will not be impacated.

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