Phone Calls: CallRail

If you use CallRail for call tracking you can leverage Rockerbox’s CallRail integration to import phone calls as a conversion event. CallRail data additionally helps supplement your customer identity graph, tying callers and phone numbers to browser sessions tracked by Rockerbox.

CallRail JavaScript Snippet Required
Please ensure you have the CallRail JavaScript snippet installed on all applicable pages with Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI) enabled.

This enables CallRail, and thereby Rockerbox, to uniquely track each caller originating from your website.

Configuring CallRail to send data to Rockerbox

1) In your CallRail dashboard, go to Settings > Integrations and click into Custom Cookie Capture.

2) Under Cookie Names, enter “rbuid” and click Activate. If you already have a value entered, you can use the Add Cookie option to add “rbuid” in a separate box.

3) Next, go back to the Settings > Integrations page and click into Webhooks.

4) Under the Post-Call section, paste in the webhooks URL provided to you by your account manager.

Contact Us to get your Webhook URL
We will create a webhook in Rockerbox where CallRail can send data for your account

Typically, it will follow the format

If you already have a value entered, you can use the Add Another URL option to add the Rockerbox webhook in a separate box.

Be sure to also check the box to include IP Address before saving.

5) Go back to Settings > Integrations and confirm that Custom Cookie Capture and Webhooks are enabled.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, data from CallRail will start flowing to Rockerbox.

Our team will then help get your account configured so you can see attribution reports for your call activity.

Please notify your account manager to proceed with setting up the integration.

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