How to normalize historical in-platform reporting pre-Rockerbox

If you recently onboarded Rockerbox you may be wondering how you can do YOY comparisons without historical Rockerbox data.

Steps are below for calculating de-duplicated performance metrics pre-Rockerbox:

  1. Pulling the CPA or ROAS (whichever is your primary KPI) from Rockerbox over a given date range. You can do this either:
How to choose a date range
Ideally, you will compare an in-Rockerbox time period to a comparable pre-Rockerbox time period. This means: - a similar marketing mix was in place - seasonal changes in performance are accounted for (ex you might not compare holiday time period to a summer month if you know performance differs during this time.
  1. Pulling the CPA or ROAS from a comparable pre-Rockerbox date range. Your metric might be from in-platform (ex Facebook), Google Analytics, or an in-house attribution model.
  2. Plugging the above metrics into the formula below, to calculate the approximate de-duplicated performance for a channel, vendor, or tactic when Rockerbox reporting is not available.

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