Spend: Batch

To incorporate a platform’s spend in Rockerbox, first, check in Rockerbox if the platform has an available Integration. If so, follow the instructions for that specific platform.

If Rockerbox does not have a pre-built integration with a platform to import spend, then you will need to follow our new vendor request process.

This documentation is specifically for vendors who have been selected off the waitlist for Rockerbox to scope a new integration with.

Rockerbox does not accept ad hoc batch spend for vendors outside of our new vendor integration process.

Steps for Vendors:

1. Send a sample spend report to the Rockerbox team

2. Determine on what cadence you can spend to Rockerbox and which delivery method is preferred (Email, SFTP, or S3)

  • Rockerbox does not support downloading spend on behalf of clients. This must be managed entirely by the partner or by your team
  • After you determine the preferred delivery method Rockerbox will provide endpoint details to you and your partner

3. Once Rockerbox has confirmed the file format meets our requirements, the partner will be responsible for sending the spend file on the agreed-upon cadence (daily or once per week) **

4. After the first files have been received to the endpoint, Rockerbox will complete the needed setup on our end to configure the data processing

5. Once the setup is complete, the files will automatically process once received

  • If files are sent outside of the agreed-upon cadence, please contact your Rockerbox team to ensure the files processed as expected

Delivery Timing

Schedule delivery of the Batch Spend report between 4-8am EST (9am-1pm UTC). This is to make sure the data is updated in a timely fashion.

Note: if you also have Report Exports scheduled, then you will need to provide a 2-hour buffer between delivery of the Batch Spend file and the scheduled report to ensure the Spend file has time to process before the reports are scheduled to run.

For example, if you have a scheduled report for 9am EST, then you need to ensure the Batch Spend report is delivered by 7am EST.

Spend Reconciliation

Spend adjustments are not supported
Rockerbox cannot make changes to Batch Spend once ingested, or accept negative spend values. If you are working with a partner where you reconcile spend, read below carefully.

Once you or your partner sends a Batch Spend file to Rockerbox, you cannot make adjustments to that spend, or retroactively subtract spend. Therefore, if you have a reconciliation process with your partner—common with affiliates—then you need to decide what type of spend to send to Rockerbox:

  1. Send pre-reconciled data only
  2. Send post-reconciled data only

The advantage of (1) is that the data will appear in Rockerbox sooner. However, our recorded numbers will be higher as compared to what you eventually pay your partner.

On the other hand, sending to Rockerbox post-reconciled spend—or option (2)—will be more accurate as compared to your payments, but will be delayed by your reconciliation window.

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