Rockerbox Dashboard

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What this view shows

The Rockerbox home page enables you to see high-level performance at a glance - unlocking the ability to quickly identify trends and changes in CPA/ROAS over time.

How to leverage this view

You can leverage the Rockerbox home page to see:

  • Spend distribution across channels
  • Trending ROAS and CPA over time
  • Changes in Revenue over time

Leverage this view when you are scaling spend to identify changes in CPA/ROAS in relation to spend.

The view of CPA/ROAS as a trending line against spend will allow you to quickly identify when you are potentially seeing diminishing returns.

See here for tips on leveraging Rockerbox during spend heavy ups.

Saved Views

You have the ability to save views across Rockerbox's UI - enabling you to quickly access your favorite views without needing to set up custom filters every time.

We recommend setting up saved views for your priority channels - so you can easily leverage Rockerbox to see performance throughout the week.

See below for how to set up saved views:

A saved views will capture the items you have filtered for in the top filters bar. This includes

- Filtered Tiers
- New vs Repeat Users
- Attribution Type
- Date Ranges

The saved view will not save
- Searched terms
- Edit Breakdown customizations
- Custom Columns

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