Custom Credit Allocation

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Rockerbox offers multiple attribution types to align with how you measure performance for each marketing channel.

We acknowledge, however, that attribution is not one-size fits all! Sometimes platform limitations (ex lack of view-based tracking), outside lift studies (ex a geo-lift test), or business cases may create a need for further customization of how much credit each marketing channel should receive.

To solve for this, Rockerbox allows you to customize the amount of credit allocated to each channel.

  1. How to re-distribute credit across channels
  2. Detailed logic for credit redistribution
  3. Common use cases for credit redistribution
  4. FAQs for Custom Credit Allocation
New to Custom Credit Allocation? Check out a full walkthrough here!

1. How to Redistribute Credit Across Channels

2. Detailed Logic for Credit Redistribution

When conversion credit is added or removed from a given channel, the % of conversions assigned to the channel is modified. For example, adding a 1.1 multiplier to a given channel increases the % of conversions this channel is credited for by 10%.

Of course, modifying the amount of credit given to one channel impacts the amount of credit given to all other channels. The process for re-balancing conversions across channels when one or many are modified is outlined below.

3. Common Use Cases

  • Crediting only paid channels / removing credit from non-paid channels (commonly requested by agencies, acquisition teams)
  • Removing credit from Direct and re-allocating it across other channels.
  • Increasing credit given to specific hard-to-track channel. You may know this should have more attributed credit based on the outcome of lift studies, or a click:view based conversion ratio.
  • Removing credit from certain bottom of funnel channels (Email, Brand Search) that convert users at a high rate but are not driving new users into the funnel.

4. FAQ

  • Can I reallocate credit on a more granular level than Tier 1? Ex if Brand Search is currently categorized on the Tier 3 level
    • Not today -- but this enhancement is coming soon down to the Tier 3 level.
  • Can I export the updated view of Cross-Channel attribution?
    • This features lives only in the UI for now.
  • Will the results of Custom Credit Allocation appear in other UI views?
    • Not today. Custom Credit Allocation involves increasing credit assigned to some channels and decreasing credit assigned to others, so is isolated to the Rockerbox Cross-Channel report which shows all channel performance in one place.

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