Goals & Recommendations: identifying optimization opportunities

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Rockerbox's Goals & Recommendations feature makes it easier than ever to identify in-channel optimization opportunities based on a target CPA or ROAS.

Simply set your goal -- either on the platform level or more granularly within a given platform -- and Rockerbox will both

  • Report on actual performance against the goal as you optimize over time
  • Provide recommendations to increase or decrease campaign-level spend to help you reach your target CPA / ROAS

This functionality is currently available for advertising platforms where Rockerbox supports platform-reported performance.

Goals & Recommendations are based on platform-reported performance. This means that all metrics (ex conversions, revenue) are tracked directly by each ad platform rather than Rockerbox 1st party tracking and reflect a "full credit" view of the world.

Overview of Goals & Recommendations

  1. How to navigate the feature
  2. How to leverage this view for turn-key optimizations and recommendations

How to navigate the Goals & Recommendations feature
How to leverage the Goals & Optimizations feature for turn-key optimizations & recommendations

Goals & Recommendations - Detailed

Recommendation Overview

Recommendations are available on the campaign level, and involve increasing or decreasing spend to reach your target CPA or ROAS. Recommendations might look like the below:

  • On Target: CPA or ROAS is within 10% of the set goal, and the campaign makes up at least 5% of total spend
  • Increase Spend: CPA or ROAS is over-performing by at least 10%, and the campaign makes up at least 5% of total spend
  • Decrease Spend: CPA or ROAS is under-performing by at least 10%, and the campaign makes up at least 5% of total spend

Recommendation Logic (Detailed)

Recommendations for a Fixed Goal are based on the % variance between a campaign's current CPA / ROAS and the goal CPA / ROAS. The % differences is then applied to spend to create a recommendation.

Recommendations for 7 Day Exponential Moving Average goals are based on a 7 day exponential moving average of CPA / ROAS. Similarly to Fixed Goals, the % variance between current and target performance is applied to spend to create a recommendation.

Insufficient Data

A campaign must make up at least 5% of spend within your filtered campaigns to generate a recommendation.

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