Shopify Checkout Extensibility | Q3 2024

Updated by Omar Elmaghrabi

Shopify will stop supporting liquid.js on the checkout flow and is asking brands to upgrade to Shopify Checkout Extensibility by August 2024. We want to let you know how Rockerbox is getting ready to support you. 

We’re actively working on an update to our Shopify integration to be compatible with Shopify Checkout Extensibility and plan to complete these updates by the end of Q2 2024. You have two ways to keep Rockerbox tracking as you migrate your checkout flow:

  1. Wait to upgrade your site to the new checkout experience until after Rockerbox has released the updates to the Shopify integration in Q2 2024 to avoid any interruption to your attributed conversion events. For brands using the Rockerbox <> Fairing integration, you should also wait to update your Fairing post-purchase surveys to the Fairing app block in Shopify Checkout Extensions. We will provide updates on specific timing for the release in Q2. 
  2. If you feel strongly about migrating as soon as possible, we strongly suggest only updating the Information, Shipping, and Payment pages.  Do not migrate your post-purchase pages – Thank You, Order Confirmation, and Order Status – which will not be sunset until August 2025. 

If you absolutely require updates to your post-purchase pages in Q2, please follow this playbook to avoid interruption to your attributed marketing events tracking. This playbook does not solve for Fairing post-purchase survey results.

Summary of Impact from Shopify Updates

Shopify’s Checkout Extensibility updates will impact the ability for the current Rockerbox <> Shopify integration to fire pixels at certain steps in the checkout flow.  These pixels are used to tie a customer’s marketing activity to their purchase.  Failure of these pixels to fire may cause an increase in your direct (unattributed) conversions.  The planned updates to Rockerbox’s Shopify integration will allow continued tracking of all pages in the checkout flow.

There are 2 important deadlines for you to manage in the Shopify upgrade process:

  1. Information, Shipping, and Payment pages – upgrade due by August 13, 2024
  2. Thank You and Order Status pages – upgrade due by August 28, 2025 

Impact to Rockerbox <> Fairing Integration

Shopify’s updates will also prevent the Rockerbox <> Fairing integration from firing Rockerbox pixels on the Thank You page to collect post-purchase survey data.  Once you implement your post-purchase survey using the Fairing app block in Shopify Checkout Extensions, you will not see any post-purchase survey results in Rockerbox. 

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