Media Design Group

Rockerbox has an existing integration with Media Design Group where we receive user-level log files. This allows Rockerbox to attribute these touchpoints to conversions.

Log File Instructions

All files must align with the requirements listed here.
  1. Enable the integration here in your Rockerbox account. This will create an SFTP endpoint that MDG will send log files to.
  2. Contact your Rockerbox representative for endpoint details.
  3. MDG will need to set up reporting within their platform to be sent to the Rockerbox endpoint.
    1. Files should be sent on a weekly cadence.
    2. Each file should contain the previous 7 days of data.
    3. Reports must contain the columns exactly as noted below, including capitalization & spacing.
Required Columns

Creative Name
Creative Code
Media Cost
Dual Feed Spot
Air Time
Airdate STD

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