Tactical Optimizations in Rockerbox

Priority Questions to Answer

  1. What placements are being under vs over-invested in when going from last-touch to multi-touch?

Tactical Optimization: Which placements are being under vs. over invested in?

Use Case: To identify line items where you have been over or under spending based on multi-touch vs last-touch CPA

Rockerbox unlocks the ability to understand which channels/placements/tactics benefit the most from MTA and identify how placement and tactic level spend and rate should be modified accordingly.

This frequently overrides the in-platform optimizations which are only tracking that platform’s ad activity. For example, Facebook.

Setting up your view in Analytics -> Reports

How to set up your view in the UI

  1. Go to Analytics > Reports
  2. Select Report Comparison View instead of Attribution Report (the default)
  3. Select what metric you want to compare i.e. CPA/ROAS
  4. Select the channel you want to view and apply filters

How to read this data once you have the UI setup

Example 1: Multi-touch CPA is LOWER than last-touch CPA: indicates an opportunity to increase bids or allocate more budget. Shows impact of this line item in driving users down funnel that will not be indicated in platform data (i.e. facebook, google).

Example 2: Multi-touch CPA is HIGHER than last-touch CPA: If you are still within your performance goal in platform leave spend as is and continue to monitor performance. If you are NOT within your Facebook performance goal consider reallocating spend to another better performing line item.

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