Daily Tactical Optimizations in Rockerbox

What to focus on:

  • Focus on monitoring performance within channels

Priority Questions:

  1. Where can I monitor daily performance within channels? 
  2. How can I see changes in performance day over day? 

Watch our webinar on-demand here for a step-by-step tutorial on tactical optimizations in Rockerbox!

Use Case #1: Monitor in-platform performance without switching between ad platforms

View to leverage: Platform Reported Performance 

How to Use view daily

  • Monitor in-platform performance on a daily cadence identifying any extreme outliers
  • This is designed to save you time. There is no need to switch between all your ad platforms when can monitor performance directly in Rockerbox

Use Case #2: Monitor de-duplicated performance for extreme outliers & changes in CPA/ROAS

View to leverage: Attribution Report 

  • The Attribution Report view in Rockerbox shows for a given time frame, all marketing spend and conversions mapped back to each marketing placement
  • This view enables you to see weighted CPA/ROAS against marketing placements for new and existing users

How to Use view daily

  • Leverage this view to monitor changes in CPA/ROAS at the channel and tactic level- especially if you are launching a new channel or scaling spend 
  • Identify any extreme outliers based on de-duplicated performance at the placement level


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