Campaign Costs

Once you’ve entered all your Sponsorships, you can add any additional campaign-based costs. In this guide, we’ll walk through how to upload any campaign or date-based spend for your sponsorships.

What does associating a campaign cost with a sponsorship do?

A sponsorship can include costs that are both performance-based ($ per order or % of revenue) and fixed costs over a date range (e.g. flat fee per month). When you set up your Programs, you entered performance-based payouts should be calculated. Rockerbox automatically calculates those costs for you using the order data we have.

Campaign costs are additional costs that are independent of how many purchases or how much revenue a sponsorship drove. For example, if you are paying a podcast $2,000 for ad spots on all their episodes for the month of July, that is a campaign cost that should be applied across the entire month.

If you are adding campaign costs at a less granular level than your marketing events are mapped in Rockerbox, then do not associate any marketing events.

Example If your Email touchpoints are mapped in Rockerbox as Email > {vendor name}, and you would like to add spend to all touchpoints at a Tier 1 = Email level:

Structure the mapping of the Program as Tier 1 = Email.

Do not associate marketing events in the +Click-Based Events or Tracking tabs.

Proceed to add costs as directed below.

How to add campaign costs

Next Up

Repeat this process for all your sponsorships and their associated campaign costs.

If you’re using promo codes and haven’t done so yet, review all your promo codes to ensure you’ve captured everything.

If you are all done entering your sponsorships, you can proceed to Backfill Sponsorships Data.

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