Sponsorship Programs

To get started with Sponsorships Attribution, the first thing you’ll need to do is set up Programs.

What are Programs?

Programs are groups of sponsorships that define the payout structure and marketing event display categorization for a specific sponsorship.

Each program consists of the following:

  • Name: give it a short name that will be easy to remember
  • Description: a longer field to help provide context
  • Per Order Payouts: are the sponsorships in this program paid out on a $ per conversion basis?
  • Percentage of Revenue Payouts: are the sponsorships in this program paid out on a % of the revenue they drove?
  • Campaign Fees: are the sponsorships in this campaign paid a fixed fee for a date range? (e.g. $5,000 for a one month sponsorship)
  • Display structure: how should these marketing events be displayed in your MTA reports? (Tier 1 - 5 categorization)

How to set up Programs

Create as many programs as you need to define all the different types of sponsorships and payout structures.

Next Up

Now that you’ve set up your Programs, you’ll need to add the individual sponsorships. You can do this via promo codes or associating existing marketing events (e.g. from vanity URLs or survey responses).

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