Spend Report

The Spend Report outputs spend that Rockerbox ingests from all sources, including both Batch and API Integrations.

  • Reports out daily spend from all platforms where we’re receiving spend.
  • Breaks out by “tier” (tier_1 through tier_5 in the report), which is the Marketing Hierarchy that’s been setup for each brand.
  • Reports out each respective platform’s marketing hierarchy (tier_one through tier_five; and tier_one_alt through tier_five_alt). This is useful in case you ever need to cross-reference our reported spend using Campaign/Ad IDs and Names from Google, Facebook, Bing, etc.

Some other details:

Spend Data Update Frequency

Not all platforms update spend on a daily basis, particularly those that deliver spend via Batch. If you schedule a daily report for “Yesterday”, and a platform only delivers spend on a weekly basis, you will be missing spend for that platform on most days.

In that case, you will want to schedule a Spend Report to deliver on a weekly basis that contains the past 7 days of data.

Learn more about Advanced Scheduled Report Options.

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