Orders & Conversions

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What this view shows

The Orders & Conversions view enables you to view all conversion activity in one place that Rockerbox is tracking in order to quickly identify trends in changes in conversions or revenue

With this view, you no longer need to toggle between Rockerbox and your ecommerce platform to view conversion reporting - but can do so all within the Rockerbox UI.

How to leverage this view

You can leverage the summary view to see:

  • Conversions by day against each conversion segment tracked in Rockerbox
  • Revenue by day for conversion events you have revenue against (i.e. purchases)
  • Trending views to see changes in conversions and/or revenue over the last 30 days

You are also able to drill into a specific conversion event to see user-level path to conversion detail with customizable metrics.

See instructions below for how to navigate to see more granular details within a specific conversion event

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