Reporting Data Availability

Data Aggregation Timing

Rockerbox aggregates reports daily, and the process starts shortly after midnight UTC, completing a few hours later. This means that data from the previous day is available a few hours after midnight the next day.

For example, reporting data for users that converted on Jan 15 will be available a few hours after midnight UTC on Jan 16.

Viewing Historical Data

While Rockerbox stores aggregated data in perpetuity, the UI limits you to select reporting dates going back 150 days. If you need data beyond 150 days ago, please contact your Rockerbox Account Manager.

Reporting Date Ranges

You can export up to 60 days of data at once via Rockerbox reports.

When pulling reports from earlier than 90 days ago, simply adjust the end date of reporting to an earlier date. This will make earlier date ranges available.

When sending reports via Email, you will get an email with a link to download the file. For larger date ranges, you may see multiple links to download, in order to accommodate the larger file sizes.

When sending reports via S3, SFTP, or GCS, Rockerbox will deliver one file per day for the selected date range to the designated endpoint.

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