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Through the use of a spike visit analysis, Rockerbox is able to insert a touchpoint along the user's path for Linear TV.

Rockerbox first identifies if we saw a statistically significant lift in the 5 minutes after a commercial airs. If there was a lift, we work to insert touchpoints in the path of users who come to site during that 5-minute window (who did not come to site via another channel).

Tracking your Linear TV in Rockerbox will enable you to not only gain a better understanding of the performance of Linear TV in combination with the rest of your digital channels but also identify any halo impact Linear TV may be having on your bottom-funnel channels.


Step One: Spike visit analysis

The first step is to determine if the commercial had a statistically significant impact on the number of visitors coming to your site.

In order to do so - we use a baseline period 10 minutes before a commercial aired to determine average sessions started (how many people are typically visiting your site from that specific geo). If the spot is national we look across all site traffic.

Then, we use a test period 5 minutes after a commercial aired to determine lift from the commercial.

With this 5 minute period, we run the following test:


  • Null Hypothesis: Baseline (sessions/minute) >= Postlog (sessions/minute)
  • Alternative: Postlog (sessions/minute) > Baseline (sessions/minute)


  • Use a t-test (p-value < .1) to determine if the result is significant


Geos without baseline traffic

If we do not have any baseline traffic for a given geo where you are running a spot we will not attribute any touchpoints to that commercial.

Meaning if you are running awareness campaigns in a net new market - there may be no lift observed here.

Step Two: Attribute touchpoints to Users

If a statistically significant lift is observed, touchpoints are assigned to all visitors who visit the site within that 5-minute window based on the commercial's relative effect size (this allows us to account for overlapping air times).

We assign touchpoints to 100% of users who did not come to the site via another channel i.e. paid social. The exception to this is Brand or Organic search - if a user comes to site during this 5-minute window via a branded or organic search touchpoint we will insert a touchpoint along this user's path.


Lookback Window

Rockerbox uses a 14-day lookback window for Linear TV - meaning that a user must convert within 14 days for Rockerbox to insert a touchpoint in their path.

Because Linear TV attribution is probabilistic in nature, Rockerbox has limited the lookback window to limit over-attribution.

Vendor Requirements to Track your Linear TV data in Rockerbox

Rockerbox requires postlog files from your Linear TV vendor - this provides us timestamp, geo, and network details against every commercial.

Please see here for our pre-existing integrations - if you do not see your vendor on this list reach out to your Rockerbox team.

See next steps for net new integrations here

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