URL Parameters

To update the the default Rockerbox tracking parameters in Impact, you will need to update the Gateway Tracking Settings in Impact.


Gateway Tracking Settings in Impact

The Gateway Tracking Settings page allows you to specify what happens when a customer clicks on one of your Media Partner or Media Source tracking links. This includes information such as the landing page that customers will be directed to, query string parameters that will be appended to the landing page URL, and the level of customization that Media Partners are allowed to implement through deep linking.

To complete these updates in the Gateway Tracking Settings in Impact:

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Under Tracking Settings > Select Gateway
  • Go to the Partner Tracking Template
  • Ensure the Automatically append querystring parameters to all landing pages for Partners is enabled
  • Add the URL Parameters below. You can keep any existing parameters such as irclickid you already have.

The parameters will look like this:

Your URLs should follow the structure guidelines available here.


Impact Documentation

You can find more details on Gateway Tracking Settings in Impact by reviewing their documentation.

Spend Report

To configure your Impact account to send to Rockerbox Spend reports, follow these instructions in the Impact platform. You will need a login to Impact to proceed.

Click the link to navigate directly to the Advanced Action Listing Report.

Copy this URL into your browser: https://app.impact.com/secure/advertiser/engage/Adv_Performance_Report/r220/report/viewReport.report?handle=adv_action_listing_pm_only


Do not try and find the report yourself. The link above will generate the specific report Rockerbox requires. If you try and select the report by navigating through the links, you might select the incorrect one.

Save Your Report

On the report's screen, modify view settings to your desired preferences:

  • select YESTERDAY in the date filter, so the report can pull previous day data.
  • Under Show filter Select AD
  • Click the magnifying glass button to apply the filters
  • When you change any of the view settings of a report, select the Save button that appears next to the report's heading.
  • Enter the name Rockerbox Spend for your saved view of this report
  • Select Save to finish saving your report view

Schedule Your Report

  • Click the envelope in the top right corner to open the Schedule Report dialog box
  • Select Schedule Delivery, then use the dropdown to select Daily
  • Use the dropdown to select CSV file format of the report
  • Select the delivery method: Partner FTP and enter your SFTP details. If you do not have your SFTP details, make sure you followed the Integrations steps to generate those credentials. Make sure you update the Server URL from ftp:// to sftp://.
  • Click Schedule and Send and your report will be delivered daily!


Double-check your Delivery Method settings before Saving

If you enter the incorrect SFTP settings, Impact may reject the report and you will need to recreate it from the beginning.

Historical Spend

After you completed the steps above to deliver daily spend reports, you can also send to Rockerbox historical spend reports from Impact. To do so:

  • Navigate to your custom Rockerbox report
  • Under Show filter Select AD
  • Update the Date Range to the desired range
  • Click the mail icon in the upper right-hand corner
  • Click Send Now and fill in your SFTP details
  • Click Schedule and Send

This will deliver a report for the selected rate range to Rockerbox to the SFTP endpoint.

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