Facebook Discrepancies

Facebook's platform will give themselves full conversion credit if a user viewed a Facebook ad, and not take any other marketing touchpoints into consideration (search, other social, etc.).

Rockerbox will evaluate Facebook's contribution in the context of all marketing touchpoints.

Discrepancies that are specific to Facebook

Facebook tracks post-view (PV) conversions, i.e. a user "saw" a FB ad without interacting, and then converts. That would be a Facebook PV conversion. As the user only saw the ad, but didn't click through, no one but Facebook has the ability to verify that this occurred. Furthermore, as analytic / attribution providers gather information by pixeling your site (and pixeling ads when permitted), it's impossible for them to verify what Facebook is claiming. Facebook doesn't make this data available to third parties in a non-aggregated form.
Rockerbox tracks Facebook events based on users landing on the advertiser's site, with identifiers for Facebook (example: the presence of fb_adsetid in the URL). These are typically driven by users that click on Facebook ads.

Facebook considers different types of events as "clicks":

  • Link clicks
  • Post likes, comments or shares
  • Clicks to a Facebook Page or Instagram profile
  • Clicks to expand a photo or video to full screen

For more information on how Facebook defines clicks, check out this Facebook article.

Compared to the above, we only consider a "Link Click" that drives the user to the advertiser's site.

To summarize the above, Facebook considers Post-View (which we can't see), as well as a superset of "Clicks" — of which we can only see a subset (link clicks that drive to customer site).

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