Ensuring Rockerbox data accuracy

In order to ensure you are confident moving forward making optimizations off of Rockerbox data, every Rockerbox onboarding includes a thorough round of data validation & QA.

Rockerbox takes data integrity and reliability extremely seriously - and requires all clients to complete this QA process before moving out of onboarding.

Our data validation & QA process includes three main components:

  1. Comparing Rockerbox conversion data against your source of truth (Shopify, your Internal data warehouse, etc.)

  2. Comparing Rockerbox spend against in-platform spend data for your largest spend channels (usually Google & Facebook)

  3. Comparing Rockerbox attributed conversions against in-platform attributed conversions for your largest spend channels (usually Google & Facebook)

1. Rockerbox conversion data vs. Source of truth


Ensure we are aligned on conversion count within 5%.

See Discrepancies between internal data and Rockerbox data for more detail on why we have a 5% threshold.

Expected alignment


2. Rockerbox spend data vs. in-platform spend data


Ensure we are aligned on spend outside of timezone differences

Rockerbox is in UTC, so a small difference based on timezone is expected

Expected alignment

Exactly aligned outside of timezone differences

3. Rockerbox attributed conversions vs. in-platform conversions


Ensure that all marketing activity tracking is properly applied and that Rockerbox is capturing all touchpoints for these channels

Expected alignment

We do not expect to be aligned here - and will never be aligned here due to de-duplication

See more on Rockerbox vs. in-platform performance

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