Excluding Admin Users in Customer Accounts

If you have Customer Service Reps or other employees placing or editing orders on behalf of your customers, then you need to take steps to prevent issues with attribution

What's the Issue?
When admin users log into client accounts, the Rockerbox pixel fires like normal, including the Rockerbox cookie id and customer data associated with the account. This means we'll receive pixel fires with the admin's cookie id + the customer's external id and email

This ends up polluting our identity resolution as we now link the admin's identity (their cookie id) with the user's identity - to Rockerbox, it looks like the admin and the customer are the same person

What's the End Impact?
When Rockerbox sees a link between two identifiers (such as the Rockerbox cookie id <> external id), we stitch those users together. When we build our path-to-conversion, we look at all the marketing touchpoints associated with the conversion across all the stitched identities. If admin users go into customer accounts, the admin's marketing touchpoints will be incorrectly linked with the customer's conversion unless we take steps to prevent it

Admin user ‘a’ goes into client accounts ‘b’, ‘c’, and ‘d’ to make edits to their orders. While doing so, he triggers Rockerbox' pixels, which include a's cookie id because that's associated with his browser, and b, c, and d's external id as that's associated with the account. Rockerbox now links a, b, c, and d as the same person

How do I Prevent this Issue?
If you want Rockerbox to count the conversions placed by CSRs or employees (if they are placing real orders that you want to reconcile against your internal database, for example):

Add an "ignore_user_events: true" property to our pixel fires and we will not use the data from that pixel fire in our identity resolution or path-to-conversion, but we will count the conversion


RB.track("conv.purchase", { 
  ignore_user_events: true,
  email: "[email protected]", 
  external_id: okl_customer_id_here,
  // other regular stuff goes here

If you don't want to count the orders placed by CSR's (because they're fake/test orders, for example):

The right solution in this case is to not fire the Rockerbox pixel at all. To do this, you should add logic to your GTM or Segment implementation to prevent Rockerbox pixels from firing for internal users

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