Append the below to your Account tracking template. If you are creating a new template, append {lpurl}? to the beginning of the Rockerbox parameters. If you have existing parameters in this field, you can use & to separate your existing parameters from the Rockerbox parameters.


Copying a Template from Google?

If you are repurposing Google AdWords templates in Bing, you need to remove all Rockerbox Google tracking parameters before publishing.

Examples of Google parameters to remove:


Lower-level Tracking Templates

If you already set tracking templates at the campaign, ad group, ad, or Sitelink Extension level, then it will override the account tracking template. Bing applies the lowest level tracking template. If you want to use Account-level tracking templates, you'll need to first remove the tracking templates from the lower levels. Alternatively, you'll need to add these parameters to each of the lower-level templates.


To learn more about Bing Account templates, look here.

For a reference of Bing macros and landing page URLs, look here and here.

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