New Visitors Overview

What this view shows

Rockerbox New Visitors view helps you measure the top-of-funnel marketing that is effectively bringing new people to your website. Instead of having to rely on siloed vendor reports or incomplete web analytics, you can gain visibility into the initial acquisition sources — online and offline — that drive brand awareness.

Overview of the New Visitors View:

  1. How does Rockerbox track our new visitors?
  2. How to Navigate this view
  3. Use Cases

1) How does New Visitor Analytics work?

Thanks to long-lived first-party identifiers and robust identity resolution, Rockerbox is able to accurately determine which visitors to your website are truly new or are returning.

Using Rockerbox’s tracking for online and offline marketing, like OTT and Linear TV, you get a holistic view of all your marketing that’s driving people to your website.

All New Visitors
New Visitor Analytics includes all net-new visitors to your site. There is no filtering available (e.g. by type of purchaser) because this analysis is looking at users’ very first page view on your site. At this point in the top of the funnel, the user hasn’t performed any conversion events.

What determines how a marketing channel receives credit?

The earliest marketing touchpoint that Rockerbox is able to associate with a new visitor gets full credit in this analysis. There is no application of a model or multi-touch analysis. The goal of this analysis is to focus on the very top of your marketing funnel. For more detailed analysis on the role each channel plays throughout your funnel, please refer to the funnel view.

2) How to navigate view

See below for a walk-through of the New Visitors view!


New Visitor: A net-new visitor who came to your website for the first time.

Cost per Visitor: The total advertising cost of your channel, divided by the number of new visitors it drove.

Average Pageviews: The number of pages, on average, that a new visitor from a channel browsed on your site.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of new visitors who left after seeing only one page on your website.

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