New Visitors

What this view shows

Rockerbox New Visitors view helps you measure the impact and efficiency of your top-of-funnel marketing in driving net-new users to your site. Instead of siloed vendor reports or incomplete web analytics (click only, no spend), Rockerbox's New Visitors looks across channels using view and click based touchpoints to report on what truly drove the first point of awareness.

Overview of the New Visitors View:

  1. How does Rockerbox track our new visitors?
  2. How to Navigate this view
  3. Use Cases

1) How does New Visitor Analytics work?

Thanks to long-lived first-party identifiers and robust identity resolution, Rockerbox is able to accurately determine which visitors to your website are truly new or are returning visitors. To put it simply -- a New Visitor is tracked each time a Rockerbox pixel fires and places as new cookie / uid. This differs from New Customers which is based on a historical user definition that does not depend on when Rockerbox tracking was applied.

Using the tracking methodology applied for each channel, Rockerbox then attributes New Visitors back to marketing. Spend is also reported on, giving a holistic view of cost per new visit across channels at the most granular level.

Ineligible Channels: the tracking methodology used for some channels is not available against new visitors.

- Direct Mail: address not yet available
- Linear TV

New to Rockerbox? Because New Visitors are defined a users with net new Rockerbox cookies, all users will look like New Users when you first implement Rockerbox tracking.

On average, it takes about 1 month to begin capturing only new visitors. As a strong baseline for your brand, consider your time to convert.

What determines how a marketing channel receives credit?

The earliest marketing touchpoint that Rockerbox is able to associate with a new visitor gets full credit in this analysis. There is no application of a model or multi-touch analysis. The goal of this analysis is to focus on the very top of your marketing funnel. For more detailed analysis on the role each channel plays throughout your funnel, please refer to the funnel view.

2) How to navigate view

See below for a walk-through of the New Visitors view!


New Visitor: A net-new visitor who came to your website for the first time.

Cost per Visitor: The total advertising cost of your channel, divided by the number of new visitors it drove.

Average Pageviews: The number of pages, on average, that a new visitor from a channel browsed on your site.

Bounce Rate: The percentage of new visitors who left after seeing only one page on your website.

3) Use Cases

Many Rockerbox customers leverage the new visitors view to report on and make decisions off of insights like

  • My core or secondary KPI for my top of funnel channels is cost per visit. I use new visitors to inform optimization opportunities and for reporting.
  • I'm spending a significant % of my marketin budget on a channel that has a low ROAS / CPA. Is it a stong brand awareness channel? If so, maybe I will continue to invest in it.
  • I just launched a new channel. My goal will eventually be ROAS / CPA but I want to get an early read on performance, knowing exposed users are in the consideration period.

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