Attentive (Email Signup)

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Attentive Email Signups

Rockerbox's integration with Attentive allows for Rockerbox to track an Email Signup conversion event for all Attentive-hosted email signup forms on your site.

Email Signups from Attentive will be treated like a conversion event (solving for "what's the impact of each of my marketing channels on driving email signups on-site?).

If you have Attentive-hosted email signup forms on your site and would like to track a conversion event in Rockerbox against it, contact

Attentive Marketing Touchpoints (Clicks)

Rockerbox's Attentive integration does not automatically track marketing touchpoints from Attentive.

Instead, UTMs are used to track email clicks as a touchpoint on a user's path to conversion.

To track Attentive as a marketing touchpoint, ensure UTMs are applied to all landing page URLs in your Attentive emails. Additional guidance on UTMs can be found here.

If you are setting up Attentive as a marketing channel for the first time, reach out to providing

  • A sample URL with UTMs
  • The tier structure you'd like to see applied for this type of activity in Rockerbox

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