User Level Log File (Standard MTA)

What does this report show?

  • The User level log file (Standard MTA) enables you to view all marketing touchpoints and associated details against on an individual user.
  • For a given time frame, this report cohorts all users that converted during that time frame and shows all marketing touchpoints (including from outside that time frame) against each user that converted
  • Schema/data dictionary here

When to use this report

This report should be leveraged for enhanced analysis and reporting outside of the Customers -> Paths view.

Examples of when to use this report:

  • Breaking out channel level performance into view vs. click
  • Week over week or month over month average time to convert for new/repeat customers with a paid marketing touchpoint
  • Cohorting users based on product purchased - new vs. evergreen, etc.

Report schema and Definitions

See here for schema and associated definitions

Commonly asked questions on Buckets Breakdown schema
1) What do the values starting with NTF mean? NTF stands for “New to File” - this represents all conversions and revenue from New Customers Only
2) Which conversion/revenue values have the multi-touch model applied? The “normalized” values are your conversion & revenue values with the MTA model applied
3) Why is there no spend in this report? Spend is not available at the user level. To see spend leverage the Buckets Breakdown report.

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