Rockerbox Training: Step-by-Step Guides

Updated by Emily Shreero

Welcome to your Rockerbox training guide! Here you will find resources referenced in each of the Rockerbox training videos -- including

  • UI view walkthroughs
  • How to action off of the insights you uncover
  • Recommendations for a simple but rigorous optimization and reporting structure

1. Rockerbox vs. In-Platform Performance: Understanding the Differences

2. Rockerbox Platform Walkthrough

3. Tactical Optimizations in Rockerbox

4. Measuring Performance of Top of Funnel Channels

5. Understanding User Paths to Conversion

6. Understanding the Role of Each Channel in the Funnel

7. Identifying Channel Overlap

8. Different Attribution Types in Rockerbox

9. Weekly and Monthly Reporting

10. Leveraging Rockerbox's Google Sheets Feature

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