Quantifying the Incremental Impact and Halo of Top Funnel Marketing

Priority Questions to Answer

  1. How do I quantify the impact of top-funnel channels (OTT, Linear TV, Radio, Direct Mail)?
  2. How can I identify which bottom-funnel channels are directly impacted by top-funnel marketing?

Analysis Overview

What You Need to See

-Performance by attribution type for new & existing users (CPA, CPO, and ROAS)

-Performance by objective/tactic for new & existing users (CPA, CPO, and ROAS)

-% of conversions with channel as a touchpoint

-total number and % share of conversions by last touchpoint, filtered against the channel you are analyzing the impact of

UI View to Utilize

Attribution Report

Customer Paths

Report to Utilize

Buckets Breakdown Report - see schema and definitions here

1. How to quantify the impact of top-funnel channels

A) Attribution Report

  1. Go to the Attribution Report UI view
  2. Look at Channel, Tactic, or Objective level to identify true efficiency
  1. Use Customer Type filter to look at new vs. existing customers

B) Customer Paths UI Setup

  1. Go to the Customer Paths UI view
  2. Add filter for channel in “Where path contains” section on left side

  1. Use the Summary Stats section to see the total number of conversions with that channel as a touchpoint (overall reach)

2. How to identify the halo on bottom-funnel channels

  1. Go to the Customer Paths UI view and then click on the middle notebook icon
  1. Select desired timeframe on the upper right-hand side
  2. Select Last Touch from the top bar - this will show attributed conversions by last touch
  1. Use the filter function on the left-hand side to create the following views and copy and paste each one to a Google Sheet.

Views to include:

1- Unfiltered - Add NO filter

2- The desired channel analyzing under “where path contains”

3- The desired channel analyzing under “first touch is”

In the Google Sheet

Create a new table that includes the conversions (converters) from the 3 three views you created above (via either a v-lookup or new table which you then pivot up)

  • Rows = channels
  • Columns = each of the 3 views
  • Include the % of conversions for each column by totaling each column and taking the %

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